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Impact Signs Offers Creative Designs, Bold Graphics and Quality Prints

Looking to create new signage for your Northern Ireland business? While you may be clear about the branding goals your signage must achieve, you may find it challenging to decide on the type of prints, which provider to choose and how to go about placing an order.

You will find that the best value for your money comes from digital prints that are high quality and will last for years. When you work with a trusted printing company in Belfast, specializing in digital prints, you can sit back and smile at the formidable brand image your signage creates.

In order to design or select the perfect sign, you need to think about its purpose. Here are some important aspects to think about as you shop for printing companies in Northern Ireland:

  • Your company’s signage is a strong visual form of communication that reaches out to your target audience.
  • Signs build brand awareness and have the unique potential to keep you among the shortlist of vendors your customers are considering.
  • They provide all the necessary information about your products and services, but they also serve to deliver lasting impressions about your business.
  • Any and all signs that you order should be eye-catching and designed to suit the tastes of your target audience—a goal that is best accomplished with digital prints.

As a well-established, full-service printing company in Belfast, Impact Signs can help you understand the process quickly and easily. Rest assured that your printing order will exceed expectation. We want your business not just for a day or for one order, but for a lifetime. Our friendly, courteous and knowledgeable staff members have the experience to guide your choices and our printing shop in Northern Ireland has the capabilities to deliver timely results that you will be delighted to see.

Among the leaders in digital printing, our company is well-known for its creative and impeccable quality of work. No matter how small or big the project may be; you can be sure that the work is completed on time and within budget. We handle all aspects of your printing order in-house and stand by our quality.

Why Choose Us as Your Digital Printing Company in Northern Ireland

With a strong focus on helping you achieve your business results and goals, our team works diligently to drive home your brand message in every sign or print we create for you. We are a full-service company that takes care of design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of your signs.

  • Whether you need to replace old signage or need brand new signs for your business, we offer detailed and personalized attention to meet your specific needs.
  • Feel free to bring in your own designs, take inspiration from our gallery or try a mix and match to create something truly unique. Our skilled designers work with different techniques and materials to create stunning results for every print.
  • Take advantage of the latest digital design and printing technology for a superior finish that speaks volumes about your business image.
  • Rely on after-sales and maintenance services by our print shop to extend the life of your signs.


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